NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Although no reports of coronavirus have been reported in Virginia yet, there is increasing pressure to take preventative measures. 

One local school may be ahead of the curve, thanks in part to the flu, which is still very much an issue. 

Christ the King Catholic school in Norfolk just added an electrostatic sprayer to their line of defense against germs.  

The school says it’s taking proactive steps to keep students safe from all illnesses. 

“I emphasize to my housekeepers to make sure they sanitize everything. You know, the handles, the bathrooms, the water fountains,” said Bruce Agresto, the school’s maintenance director. 

Christ the King just invested in an electrostatic sprayer to make sure no nook or cranny goes untouched.  

The chemical solution comes out of the device with positively-charged ion droplets. This allows the spray to cling to hidden and hard-to-reach surfaces like inside cubbies and underneath hand rails.  

“The spray completely engulfs that area that you’re cleaning,” said Ken Brink, with Birsch Industries. 

It’s the same technology that’s being used to fight the coronavirus overseas, and while that’s not the school’s main concern, it’s an added layer of protection.  

10 On Your Side obtained a letter from the Richmond Diocese that encourages basic hygiene practices to prevent the spread of any illness.  

One of the guidelines includes keeping disinfectant wipes in all classrooms — something the school is already doing.  

“If you’ve ever worked in a school, kids come to school with lots of viruses and different things, pink eye and all that kind of stuff so we’re just trying to keep everybody healthy,” Principal Kim Callahan said. 

Last year, the school had to briefly close because so many students were out sick with the flu. 

Callahan said staff is doing everything they can to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  

“Children are our first and foremost priority here. We want them to be safe. We want them to be healthy,” she said. 

The electrostatic sprayer will be used when kids go home for the day in addition to sanitation practices that are already in place. 

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