NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Many of the lessons learned during the pandemic came at a cost. So far more than 108 million people have died from COVID-19. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, COVID-19 is the eighth-leading cause of death for those under the age of 19.

“Certainly, we are all being vigilant,” said Leah Rowland, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters. “The kids are in school and we have vaccinations that are available. [We are] taking advantage of what we’ve learned from the pandemic.”

And some of those lessons were learned from schools.

“We’ve also learned a lot during the pandemic,” Rowland said. “I’m also glad to see schools have focused more on ventilation.”

COVID-19, RSV, and the seasonal flu love this time of year. That’s why doctors recommend families take action now before the bugs spread.

“As the flu vaccine becomes available to you and your clinic or pharmacy — however you are able to get it for you and your family — that will really help,” Rowland said.

With flu hospitalization already on the rise, doctors urge you to get the recommended flu shot now before infections spread in the community.

“It has [the flu vaccine] been around for 50 years and it has been shown to decrease hospitalization,” Rowland said.

Every year 177,000 adults and 80,000 children are hospitalized for RSV treatment. A vaccine is available for older patients and some children.

This fall an updated COVID-19 vaccine will be released to the commercial market. Doctors urge people in the community to use commonsense as conditions become more favorable for potentially deadly viruses.

“The good old-fashioned wash your hands and stay home if you are feeling terribly sick,” Rowland said, “that all applies.”