Virginia June 26 COVID-19 update: Hampton Roads reports nearly 150 new cases, a daily record; average of cases rising steadily


Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the date of Virginia’s move to phase 3. Phase 3 is scheduled to start next Wednesday, July 1. WAVY regrets the error.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia reported its second-highest daily number of COVID-19 cases in nearly two weeks on Friday, but its average of daily cases remains mostly steady ahead of going into phase 3 next Wednesday, with the commonwealth’s percentage of positive cases continuing to decrease to record lows.

However Hampton Roads is seeing a significant uptick in cases. After a record 144 daily new cases (including 46 in Chesapeake) the region’s 7-day average of cases is now around 90 per day, more than 20 cases per day higher than its typical average for most of the pandemic. Friday’s average is now nearly double the average of June 9, which was just over 46 per day, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission data shows.

Graph courtesy of Hampton Roads Planning District Commission

Statewide numbers:

  • New cases: (+624, 60,570 total) — 74 cases over 7-day average, trending up slightly, but mostly steady
  • New deaths (+25, 1,700 total) — 81 deaths reported in the last four days, most in four-day span since peak in late May. Though “deaths by date reported” lags actual deaths, which have been trending down. 16 of the 25 deaths reported Friday were in long-term care centers, where 1,039 people have now died statewide.
  • Hospitalizations (no change overall, 854 total) — however ICU patients (219) and ventilator patients (99) are at their lowest points recorded so far. 7,868 patients have been discharged after being hospitalized.
  • Testing (+13,466, 603,870 total) — percent of positive tests has dipped below 6% to 5.8%.

While Virginia’s numbers continue to either trend down or remain steady, Gov. Ralph Northam says he is concerned the commonwealth could see a surge in new cases in phase 3. Other states, especially in the South, such as Florida (which reported a major record high of 9,000 nearly cases on Friday) and Texas (which has reported record highs in cases and hospitalizations this week) are seeing major increases in COVID-19 numbers.

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Even neighboring North Carolina (which is implementing a face coverings mandate on Friday at 5 p.m.) is struggling with record high hospitalizations and increasing cases.

Northam says Virginia could move back into phase 2 of even phase 1 if cases surges. The biggest differences between phase 2 and phase 3 are the removal of the 50% cap for indoor seating at restaurants and the increase in the size of gatherings from 50 to 250.

Here’s the latest count for the Tidewater region:

Accomack: 1,037 cases, 71 hospitalized, 14 deaths (+1 hospitalized)
Chesapeake: 846 cases, 124 hospitalized, 18 deaths​ (+46 cases, +8 hospitalized, +2 deaths)
Franklin: 46 cases, 3 hospitalized, 2 death​s (no increases)
Gloucester: 47 cases, 9 hospitalized, 1 death​ (+1 case)
Hampton: 296 cases, 39 hospitalized, 5 deaths​ (+15 cases, +1 hospitalization)
Isle of Wight: 169 cases, 16 hospitalized, 8 deaths​ (+1 case)
James City County: 251 cases, 58 hospitalized, 15 deaths​ (+3 cases)
Mathews: 5 cases, 2 hospitalized, 0 deaths​ (no increases)
Newport News: 474 cases, 44 hospitalized, 10 deaths​ (+8 cases)
Norfolk: 822 cases, 97 hospitalized, 8 deaths​ (+27 cases, +2 hospitalizations, +1 death)
Northampton: 269 cases 39 hospitalized, 28 deaths​ (no increases)
Poquoson: 17 cases, 2 hospitalized, 0 deaths​ (+1 case)
Portsmouth: 449 cases, 67 hospitalized, 16 deaths​ (+7 cases)
Southampton: 155 cases, 7 hospitalized, 2 deaths​ (no increases)
Suffolk: 393 cases, 56 hospitalized, 34 deaths​ (+4 cases, +1 hospitalization)
Virginia Beach: 1,082 cases, 117 hospitalized, 28 deaths​ (+29 cases, -1 hospitalized, +1 death)
Williamsburg: 55 cases, 12 hospitalized, 6 deaths​ (no increases)
York: 108 cases, 10 hospitalized, 3 deaths​ (+2 cases)

Key takeaways:

  • 144 new cases in Hampton Roads — the highest daily increase to date
  • Chesapeake had by far its highest number of daily cases reported to date with 46, combined with 8 hospitalizations and 2 deaths. It’s reported 115 cases in the past five days alone. Since a spike on May 30, it had been averaging around 10 cases per day.
  • 4 deaths locally, higher than recent average that’s been under 1 per day, most since June 9
  • +12 hospitalizations in VDH data (which lags realtime Virginia Hospital and Health Association data) — (avg. around 5 per day)

VDH’s chart of cases by symptom onset, which lags behind the daily reported cases, shows the increases.

Chesapeake’s percent of positive tests has nearly doubled in the past two weeks, but that does come with less tests.

Meanwhile Norfolk has seen 75 cases in just the last three days.

Virginia Beach‘s numbers have also been up in the past week.

Its percent of positive cases still remains low.

Hampton did report a one-day spike, but this could be due to lag in reporting. Its cases have been slightly higher recently.

For more data and graphs specifically on Hampton Roads, visit the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission website. (note: the numbers may be slightly different from WAVY’s due to addition of Surry County, etc.)

Outbreak data statewide

16 of the 25 deaths reported Friday were in long-term care centers, where 1,039 people have now died statewide.

  • Long-term care – 1,039
  • Congregate – 27
  • Correctional – 9
  • Healthcare – 8
  • Educational – 0

Demographic data

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