PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia reported a low 380 new COVID-19 tests on Monday morning, its lowest daily increase since April, as current hospitalizations dropped again to a new record low.

Monday’s case increase of 380 does come the day after the weekend, but is nearly 200 cases less than the 570 cases reported last Monday. The 7-day average of cases (519) is now 676 cases less than Virginia’s peak in average cases (1,195) just two weeks ago on May 31.

The low figures come just over two weeks after Gov. Ralph Northam announced a face coverings requirement for Virginians in indoor public spaces. Protests against police brutality also started on or around May 29, but Virginia’s COVID-19 numbers seem to not be impacted by protests at this time.

One factor that could also come into play was most of Virginia entering phase 2 on June 5, with Northern Virginia joining phase 2 on June 12. Phase 2 reopened indoor seating in restaurants and indoor gyms, which are viewed by health officials as more risky than outdoor gatherings.


The trend of current COVID-19 hospitalizations is a major positive sign for Virginia. Hospitalizations have dropped steadily, especially over the last two weeks, and 723 less COVID-19 patients are in Virginia hospitals compared to a record 1,625 on May 8.

Another encouraging trend is the percentage of positive tests are down to a low of 7.5%, and have positive tests were at 6% the last three days. 10% was initially seen as the benchmark to reach, but North Carolina Health of Human Services Director Mandy Cohen said Friday that health officials are looking at 5% as their new goal. North Carolina, which didn’t have the initial case numbers as Virginia, is now seeing opposite trends with cases and hospitalizations at record levels.

The Virginia Department of Health also added about 31,500 backlogged negative tests last week, adding to that lower percentage.


6 new deaths were also reported statewide, with 1 in Hampton Roads (Suffolk). 1,552 deaths in Virginia are now linked to COVID-19.

Daily COVID-19 deaths have gone down significantly in the last two weeks.

2 of those deaths reported Monday occurred in Virginia’s long-term care facilities, where 881 people have died with COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

Here’s the latest count of outbreaks by facility type.

  • Long-term care – 881
  • Congregate – 25
  • Correctional – 8
  • Healthcare – 5
  • Educational -0

Here’s the latest count for Tidewater, which reported its highest case total of last week (103) on Sunday:

Accomack: 996 cases, 59 hospitalized, 14 deaths (+3 cases)
Chesapeake: 672 cases, 102 hospitalized, 16 deaths (+13 cases, +2 hospitalized)
Franklin:  44 cases, 3 hospitalized, 2 deaths (no increases)
Gloucester: 38 cases, 9 hospitalized, 1 death (+2 cases)
Hampton: 241 cases,  37 hospitalized, 5 deaths (+3 cases)
Isle of Wight: 156 cases, 15 hospitalized, 8 deaths (no increases)
James City County: 233 cases, 56 hospitalized, 15 deaths (no increases)
Mathews: 5 cases, 2 hospitalized, 0 deaths (no increases)
Newport News: 381 cases, 42 hospitalized, 10 deaths (+10 cases)
Norfolk: 668 cases, 82 hospitalized, 7 deaths (+8 cases)
Northampton: 262 cases 34 hospitalized, 27 deaths (no increases)
Poquoson: 12 cases, 2 hospitalized, 0 deaths (+1 case)
Portsmouth: 386 cases,  58 hospitalized, 12 deaths (+11 cases +1 hospitalization)
Southampton: 155 cases, 7 hospitalized, 2 deaths (no increases)
Suffolk: 345 cases, 53 hospitalized, 34 deaths (+1 case, +1 death)
Virginia Beach: 899 cases, 108 hospitalized, 27 deaths (+9 cases)
Williamsburg: 50 cases, 11 hospitalized, 5 deaths (no increases)
York: 93 cases, 10 hospitalized, 3 deaths (no increases)

Key takeaways:

  • 61 new cases, on par with recent averages over the past week
  • 1 new deaths, in Suffolk, (1 over the past two days)
  • Newport News has seen 60 new cases in the past week, including 3 days of 10-plus cases in the past 4 days.
  • Virginia Beach has seen 98 new cases over the past week. Its average number of cases per day is up over the last two weeks.
  • Accomack has reported just 13 new cases in the past week. with numbers sharply down after the initial outbreak at its Perdue and Tyson chicken plants. Though no widescale testing has happened on the Eastern Shore recently, its percent positivity rate is down to an all-time low 8.2%.

For more information on local outbreaks and more from the Virginia Department of Health, click here.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said there were no new deaths reported in the area on Monday. There was 1 death in Suffolk.