PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — The Virginia Department of Health is reporting 851 additional cases of COVID-19 and 4 new deaths related to the virus. Of the overall cases reported statewide, more than a third is from Hampton Roads.

As of Saturday morning, July 11, Virginia has an overall number of 69,782 COVID-19 cases since the start of the outbreak.

Here’s the latest count for Hampton Roads and the whole Tidewater region (numbers are cumulative)

Accomack: 1,042 cases, 72 hospitalized, 14 deaths
Chesapeake: 1,204 cases, 157 hospitalized, 22 deaths​ (+42 cases, +1 hospitalized)
Franklin: 70 cases, 5 hospitalized, 3 death​s (+1 case)
Gloucester: 67 cases, 11 hospitalized, 1 death (+2 cases)
Hampton: 469 cases, 40 hospitalized, 4 deaths​ (+15 cases)
Isle of Wight: 222 cases, 16 hospitalized, 9 deaths​ (+7 cases)
James City County: 336 cases, 58 hospitalized, 16 deaths​ (+4 cases)
Mathews: 7 cases, 2 hospitalized, 0 deaths​
Newport News: 693 cases, 47 hospitalized, 10 deaths (+14 cases, =1 hospitalized) ​
Norfolk: 1,448 cases, 125 hospitalized, 15 deaths​ (+88 cases, +2 hospitalized)
Northampton: 274 cases 41 hospitalized, 28 deaths​ (+1 case)
Poquoson: 20 cases, 2 hospitalized, 0 death​s
Portsmouth: 662 cases, 86 hospitalized, 19 deaths​ (+35 cases, +3 hospitalized, +1 death)
Southampton: 173 cases, 8 hospitalized, 10 deaths​ (+3 cases)
Suffolk: 535 cases, 67 hospitalized, 42 deaths​ (+9 cases)
Virginia Beach: 1,759 cases, 134 hospitalized, 30 deaths​ (+96 cases, +1 hospitalized)
Williamsburg: 78 cases, 12 hospitalized, 6 deaths​
York: 149 cases, 10 hospitalized, 3 deaths​ (+5 cases)

Of the 851 new cases statewide, 322, more than 1/3, were in Hampton Roads.

The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission tracks the cases daily on their website as well, with charts of cases, deaths and hospitalizations. Here’s Hampton Roads’ chart of new cases:

Accounting for population differences, Hampton Roads is creeping up toward Northern Virginia’s high daily case numbers of the pandemic. Hampton Roads is just over half the population of Northern Virginia, so if you double Hampton Roads’ 7-day average of about 220 cases, that’s in the same territory as Northern Virginia’s early May numbers. Their daily cases peaked at 652 per day in late May.

On Friday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said modifications to state coronavirus reopening guidelines may be made as Hampton Roads continues to see increases, including reducing the cap on gatherings, which is currently at 250 people, and restrictions on restaurants and bars.

He’s expected to provide updates during a briefing Tuesday at 2 p.m.

According to the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, 1,020 residents in Virginia are currently hospitalized due to the virus. That number is a combination of confirmed positive COVID-19 patients and hospitalized patients whose COVID-19 test results are still pending.

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