PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side has done numerous stories on people having problems with unemployment, but lately we’re getting complaints about a particular kind. They’re causing concern especially this time of the year when people are filing their taxes.

At 71, Willie Carter of Chesapeake got an unwelcome surprise a few weeks ago in the mail. It was a tax statement from the Virginia Employment Commission, form 1099-G, saying he received $17,688 in unemployment benefits last year.

“I’m retired and I have no need for unemployment,” Carter said in a Monday morning interview. He saw our previous reports on people getting similar mistaken tax documents.

It’s the largest mistaken benefits amount we’ve seen so far and amounts to more than just an inconvenience, although for Carter, that too has been considerable.

“I started calling the [VEC], even sending out documentation to them – and they just put you from one phone to another. You never get in contact with anybody you can speak to and I never got a response and I just finally decided to call [10 On Your Side].”

The money is subject to federal tax.

“I’m ready to file my taxes, and I don’t want to file them knowing that this is hanging over my head and probably get hit later with a fraudulent tax form or something like that,” Carter said.

He has filed a fraud claim and got a confirmation number. We will send his info to the VEC’s fraud department. If you have a problem with unemployment, contact us at reportit@wavy.com.