NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Before hitting the roads, rails and getting in TSA lines at the airport, people across Hampton Roads are rolling up their sleeves to help keep their holiday celebrations COVID-free.

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Local health officials say they’ve seen an increase as people try to ensure their holiday celebrations are safe.

Lamonte Jackson of Norfolk is heading to the Eastern Shore to see family and wanted to be extra careful while visiting.

“I believe it’s important because it helps stop spreading the virus,” he said. “And it keeps others around us safe. So I believe everyone should do it.”

Kat Deloatch from Virginia Beach was weary to travel and see family in Ohio, but says she’s more comfortable now that she got her booster.

“I’m all boostered up. I’m all vaccinated up. Been ready to travel and go back home and see family and hopefully be safer for everyone,” she said.

The Virginia Department of Health says they vaccinated roughly 1,000 people Tuesday at the Military Circle Clinic.

Those we spoke to today said the process was quick and easy.

“I just went online and registered today. Got an appointment today, walked in, registration went well. Checking in was great,” added Jackson.

Whether it was a booster or second shot, people say they’re just ready to safely see family again.

“I’m ready to see family because I know this has kept so many families apart,” said Deloatch. “I think everybody’s ready to see their loved ones. I just hope that they all can do it safely. If they’re not vaccinated, make sure they’re masked, at least. Just so hopefully we can get some normalcy.”

The Military Circle Clinic is closed for the rest of the week and will reopen Monday for testing and Tuesday thru Saturday for vaccinations.