Telemedicine is becoming essential during the COVID-19 pandemic- but have you heard about “texting medicine”?

Cafe and caterer TASTE tells 10 On Your Side the texting doctor, Bryan R. Fine, MD, MPH, is the right person at the right time. 

The doctor started his business, Percentric, two years ago as a way to help small- and medium-size companies struggling with healthcare issues and cost.  Today it’s helping them navigate coronavirus. 

“Right now we’re doing, obviously, COVID- based screening,” Dr. Fine told

TASTE’s 500 employees and all of their family members have free access to the doctor. Fine said his texts are up 500 percent from last month.

“It’s real doctoring that requires back-and-forth and can lead to reassurance, referral, prescription,” he said.

They’re asking him questions about wellness checks at work, help for high anxiety and depression, and if an extremely sore throat is something to worry about.

The doctor does the same for Bauer Compressors in Norfolk and several other local businesses. He is helping them develop a protocol for when to send an employee home, for how long, and when they can return.

“We’re getting, you know, ‘My boss told me to text you because I have a runny nose. I feel fine but I need to’ — so there’s some of that as well,” he said.

Fine is also currently tracking a patient who was turned away for COVID-19 testing but who he is fairly confident has the virus.  Fine has been monitoring and managing the patient by text for three days and has developed a system to manage communication with their employer.

If you or your company is interested in learning more about the services Percentric can provide now and in the future you an email:

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