WILLIAMSBURG, V.a. (WAVY) — You’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s a sign of the times.” Well, Fine Signs in Williamsburg is creating just that.

They’re honoring the people on the frontline of this pandemic.

This all started when employees started making signs saying “Heroes Work Here.” They were donated and are displayed at hospitals on the Peninsula.

The Post Office saw their work and asked for signs at its branches all over Virginia. Those will be sold at a reduced price because employees said it’s not about making a profit, they just want to cover their costs and offer hope for communities across the state.

“The most rewarding part was when we were at some of the local hospitals here and as folks were driving by, they’re honking and they’re waving and saying thank you and we feel like that was our little token of appreciation,” said Christy Young, an employee at Fine Signs.

Employees have made about 70 signs so far, including the one pictured below.

Their work doesn’t stop here. Employees said they’ll continue to spread hope through their work.

If you’re interested in learning more about their business, click here.