Portable trailer provides free, hot showers to homeless in Norfolk

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A local organization is doing what it can to help the homeless during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Soap Chips provides free, warm showers to those in need. It’s basically a portable trailer with four showers inside. The organizers say they had a calling to have a portable shower for the homeless and they started this up 6 to 7 years ago.

Clay Culbreth with Soap Chips says usually each week, they go to different churches. He says recently they were asked by the city of Norfolk to stage in an accessible area downtown.
They set up at Freemason Baptist church.

“We were asked by the city because of the virus and what’s going on a lot of the city services and a lot of the private services are closing because they don’t want to contract it for their volunteers,” said Culbreth.

Randy Colthorpe is also a part of the organization. He says it gives those who don’t have access to showers, a chance to feel better about themselves.

“It’s heartwarming it makes you feel so good to see somebody that’s so happy and so touched when they come out of the shower and they’re so thankful,” said Colthorpe.

The two say if anyone wants to donate, they are accepting soap, shampoo and clean socks. They give out baggies filled with those items to the homeless and also provide a clean towel for them to use as well.

You can reach out to them and find out where to donate here: http://www.soapchips.org/about.html

If you would like to help the church with monetary donations :
https://www.freemasonstreet.org/ or contact stephanie@freemasonstreet.org