HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — How many people have been tested for and diagnosed with coronavirus in your neighborhood?

New data released by the Virginia Department of Health provides some answers to that question.

VDH recently released data that breaks down COVID-19 cases and testing numbers by zip code.

VDH warns that the data is incomplete: The agency doesn’t have zip code data for every coronavirus case in Virginia. This means the number of cases and tests reported by zip code may not match data reported to VDH by local health departments.

VDH reports that they do not have zip code data for 526 COVID-19 positive cases and 22,300 completed tests. The agency also reports that they have tested 2,537 people who live out of state.

VDH also did not release COVID-19 cases for some zip codes — those with between one and four positive results. The agency suppressed this data for privacy purposes.

Still, the data shows a lot about 150 zip codes in Hampton Roads and on the Eastern Shore.

10 On Your Side analyzed the data for zip codes located in Hampton Roads and on the Eastern Shore on May 13. These are our findings for this date — but these numbers will change as VDH updates its database daily.

The zip code with the highest number of coronavirus cases in Virginia is 22191 — Woodbridge — at 722 positive results reported by VDH. This is also the zip code reporting the highest number of completed COVID-19 tests at 2,433.

Hampton Roads and Eastern Shore zip codes are not reporting cases or tests at numbers nearly that high.

As of May 13, Chesapeake’s 23320 zip code has the highest number of COVID-19 positive cases at 124. That zip code includes the Greenbrier portion of the city.

The top 10 zip codes reporting the highest number of coronavirus cases in our region are:

  1. 23320, Chesapeake: 124 positive cases
  2. 23188, James City County: 120 positive cases
  3. 23185, Williamsburg/James City County: 119 positive cases
  4. 23434, Suffolk: 116 positive cases
  5. 23462, Virginia Beach: 108 positive cases
  6. 23701, Portsmouth: 103 positive cases
  7. 23435, Suffolk: 95 positive cases
  8. 23421, Accomack County: 91 positive cases
  9. 23829, Southampton County: 78 positive cases
  10. Southampton County’s 23847 zip code and Virginia Beach’s 23454 zip code tied at 76 positive coronavirus cases each

The data also shows testing encounters based on zip code.

Virginia Beach’s 23462 zip code ranked as the top zip code in our region for the highest number of COVID-19 tests completed at 1,264. This large zip code, which also ranked in the top 10 for number of COVID-19 cases by zip, includes Kempsville, Timberlake, Aragona Village, and other communities.

The top 10 zip codes reporting the highest number of coronavirus tests in our region are:

  1. 23462, Virginia Beach: 1,264 testing encounters
  2. 23188, James City County: 1,226 testing encounters
  3. 23452, Virginia Beach: 1,218 testing encounters
  4. 23185, Williamsburg/James City County: 1,208 testing encounters
  5. 23464, Virginia Beach: 1,188 testing encounters
  6. 23320, Chesapeake: 1,185 testing encounters
  7. 23454, Virginia Beach: 1,143 testing encounters
  8. 23434, Suffolk: 1,081 testing encounters
  9. 23456, Virginia Beach: 1,023 testing encounters
  10. 23455, Norfolk: 896 testing encounters

Interested in learning how many COVID-19 cases and completed tests are reported by your zip code? You can use VDH’s interactive map to plug in your zip code or scroll over your neighborhood to find out. The VDH updates the data daily.

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