NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters (CHKD) implemented a new visitor policy Thursday after reporting the highest amount of coronavirus cases recorded on any one day during the pandemic.

CHKD recorded 310 positive test results for patients in their entire health system. 12 children are hospitalized with the virus, short of the record 20 single day hospitalizations recorded in September.

Virginia as a whole reported a record 13,500 new coronavirus cases on Thursday and the U.S. is reporting near-record levels of children hospitalized with COVID.

The hospital is limiting visitation to two designated visitors for the duration of each inpatient stay with only one visitor at a time allowed at the bedside. The visitors must be parents or caregivers of the patient, and no siblings are allowed.

Hospitalized patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 or suspected of having COVID-19 can have one designated visitor at their bedside during admission. That person must be a parent, guardian or caregiver.

With more positive tests comes the need for more people to isolate. 

The CDC decreased the number of days in total isolation, but Pediatric Infectious Disease Dr. Laura Sass from CHKD says there are important details to remember with the new guidance.

“Shorten it to the fact that you spend five days in your house and then you spend five days with a mask on everywhere you go, which is not the same as everyone’s out and about on day six,” she said.

If your child has been exposed and doesn’t have symptoms, don’t immediately run out and get a test. The most important thing to do is begin isolation, followed by waiting at least four or five days before getting a test.

“You want to be able to use that test when you have the highest likelihood that you’re going to get a positive result if you have been infected and that’s generally around day five,” said Sass.

Before heading out the door to get a test or calling a pediatrician, Sass says patience and kindness towards healthcare workers goes a long way.

“Our hospital system is prepared to see patients, however, there are a lot of you,” she said. “It’s very busy so please be kind.”

CHKD Urgent Care centers are also only allowing one parent or guardian to accompany patients.

Everyone over the age of 2 is required to wear a mask at all times in all CHKD facilities.

CHKD also says the hospital is seeing an increase in people contracting the flu.

Read a copy of the new policy below: