PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Governor Glenn Youngkin announced a series of amendments to Virginia’s biennial budget including a historic investment in conservation and preservation efforts throughout the state.

The governor plans to set aside $685 million for resiliency and the Chesapeake Bay. Governor Youngkin told 10 On Your Side the funding will help accelerate results for Virginians.

“We’ve done a good job I think managing the state’s finances and that puts us in a position with a real surplus to cut taxes and make meaningful investments,” said Governor Youngkin.

Investments like propelling Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay 2025 goals to reduce pollution from wastewater and agricultural, urban and suburban runoff. A recent Chesapeake Bay Foundation report showed Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia were falling behind in reducing runoff by the 2025 deadline and could halt progress if a new deadline is made.

“Meeting our Chesapeake Bay goals and taking care of our bay and making sure we as Virginians recognize that we’re the ones responsible for taking care of this beautiful, beautiful state that we live in,” Youngkin stated.

Youngkin told 10 On Your Side $200 million will be invested in water treatment systems and another $200 million will go into the state’s resiliency fund.

“So that Virginia can both prepare for and react to flooding across the commonwealth but also in Hampton Roads,” Youngkin explained.

Governor Youngkin also recently attended the opening of the new Blackwater Park in Franklin, a 200-acre, soon to be 300, nature refuge created with the help of federal, state and local funds. The park serves as a flood storage for the city and helps protect vulnerable parts of the town.

“Really exciting to see Blackwater Park open to the public and to see the ability to acquire a nearly additional 100 acres that will expand it and these kinds of investments across the commonwealth are so important to our future to preserve God’s given beauty here,” Youngkin concluded.