VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Cars head through Holly Road on their way to the Cavalier Hotel, which is set to officially open to the public March 7.

If they were on Google Maps, chances are drivers would be directed to use Holly to get to the hotel, but residents who live on Holly say: “No way. There’s too much traffic now.”

“My issue is in the morning it is bumper-to-bumper trucks,” says Elayne, who doesn’t want to give her last name. She lives in Ocean Hills, and so does Ann Callis, who told 10 On Your Side, “We don’t want people driving up and down Holly Road if we can help it.”

But that is how Google Maps directs drivers to the Cavalier.

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If you look on Google Maps coming from the west on I-264, it directs you to Birdneck Road to Laskin. Right on Laskin, around the traffic circle that puts you on 32nd Street. When you get to Holly, take a left, and go to the Cavalier. However, it is obvious the primary road is Pacific Avenue and not Holly.

When 10 On Your Side showed Elayne the Google Maps route, she couldn’t believe it, “I can’t fathom that because they don’t want them to come on Pacific and Atlantic.”

It is so clear Google should direct I-264 traffic up 21st to Pacific Avenue, take a left and go until Pacific meets Atlantic Avenue.  Then you find the Cavalier on the hill.

“I think it would be much better to come the other way. Holly is so crowded enough as it is,” Callis says. Callis is not anti-Cavalier, she wrote the book ‘The Cavalier On the Hill.’ She is anti-traffic and pro-common sense. “I would say they need to think about it a little on the road they are bringing people in on. I would say they need to think about it a little more thoroughly and use Pacific Avenue.”

10 On Your Side called Google Maps about this issue before on February 8. They emailed us:

“Municipalities…responsible for managing roads and reducing traffic are free to…(add) speed humps, change speed limits, add traffic lights…our automated routing…will…take those parameters into account in every route created in Google Maps.”

Liz Davidoff

Google Spokesperson

Developer Bruce Thompson assured 10 On Your Side that he supports the Atlantic-Pacific Avenue entrance to the Cavalier property.

Thompson’s spokesperson, Mike Woodhead, emailed this statement: “I just wanted to confirm that we are updating our website ASAP with the directions to ensure the desired arrival experience for our guests. That is, to enter the hotel via Cavalier Drive after turning off of Atlantic Avenue. There will be no mention of Holly Drive on our website. Further, we will explore all opportunities to request Google Maps to change their software to only reflect this route when any guests are using their software to request directions to the hotel.”

10 On Your Side asked Elayne what she thinks when she sees Google’s app: “That’s the way they send them now. You just wait for a party with 300 people. They are going to be bumper to bumper and horns and horns.”