VIRGINIA BEACH (WAVY) –She was a star on a national TV show. DeShayla Harris lived a high-profile life and she had a high-profile funeral to match.

A horse-drawn carriage brought her to Mt. Bethel Baptist Church late Friday morning.

White horses. Pink roses. Her two favorite colors.

DeShayla, AKA “Shay,” was killed by what police said was a stray bullet in the 300 block of 19th Street on March 26. Nine other people were hurt by bullets during the shootings that night, and 25-year-old Donovon Lynch was shot by a Virginia Beach police officer.

About 125 family friends and clients of this daughter, reality TV star of the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen, and stylist lifted her up in Friday’s celebration of life.

The medical examiner said Harris was struck in the head.

“I love you babe,” said one man who spoke at the service, “and I wish you were here, and I need to know who did this.”

Family friend Josh Mays said it’s just a stupid, senseless death.

“[Whoever fired the shot] got a whole family that’s mourning her loss because of whatever beef you got going on with somebody. You’re just firing blindly and you hit somebody and take somebody’s life. It’s not cool, it’s not right,” Mays said.

One woman urged the people at today’s service at Mount Bethel Baptist to give their love to the Harris family– because they have to live with the uncertainty of what happened.

Several men have been arrested in connection to the shootings and for gun-related charges, and the officer that shot Lynch was put on administrative leave pending the investigation, but no arrests have been made in connection to Harris’ death.

The Harris family told 10 On Your Side earlier this week that they had not heard from a single politician from Virginia Beach in the 12 days after her Deshayla’s death.

Her mother Renee said that made her feel “angry. Just forgotten about. Like they just don’t care.”