From barbers to baristas, sailors’ unique jobs below deck help run George H.W. Bush carrier


ATLANTIC OCEAN (WAVY) — Shy Riggins is no stranger to military life.

“My father actually was in the Navy. He always told me stories about his traveling.” 

So when the now Third Class Petty Officer joined the Navy himself, Veterans Day took on a new meaning.

“It feels great that people acknowledge we do this for them.” 

He chose to be a become a barber, a role he enjoys. 

He says the best part of his job is meeting different people, something that comes easy given the location of his barbershop aboard the George H.W. Bush, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. 

When you think of these cities at sea, images of jets and busy flight decks come to mind, but with a floating like this there are jobs to fill. 

“Everybody has their own unique job. and the reason we have all those jobs is because without them we could not complete the mission,” said Electronics Technician Second Class Tamara Capodanno. 

“My job is highly important on an aircraft carrier. Without the planes, it is just a ship.”

There’s a mailroom, food to be cooked and electronics to fix.

There’s even a Starbucks, which is also run by sailors. 

And while these jobs may not be as glamorous as what happens above, sailors know that working together is what makes the Navy a cut above the rest.

“Different ranks do different things but they all work together to make this ship run appropriately,” Riggins said. 

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