Elana Meyers Taylor uses three adjectives to describe the ideal push athlete.

“We’re looking for someone who’s strong, fast, and powerful,” said the two-time Olympic medalist.

To find athletes who possess those traits, Meyers Taylor has personally recruited push athletes from other sports. She won a silver bobsled medal at the 2014 Olympics with Lauryn Williams, a two-time Olympic sprinting medalist. Meyers Taylor has also raced with Lolo Jones, a two-time Olympic hurdler, and Kehri Jones, a former sprinter at Baylor University.

When Meyers Taylor watches sporting events, she cannot help but wonder how the participants would fare in bobsled.

Out of respect to her current push athletes, she declined to pick a dream female push athlete (female bobsled pilots compete with one other female push athlete in a two-person sled at the Olympics).

But Meyers Taylor, who has competed with three men in a four-person sled at World Cup races, revealed her dream team of male push athletes:

Nic Taylor (bobsled push athlete): “I would definitely, No. 1, have my husband, Nic Taylor, because you know, you have to.”

Marshawn Lynch (NFL running back): “Who better than ‘Beast Mode’ to really push your sled and get it going as fast as possible?”

Usain Bolt (Jamaican sprinter): “A guy like Usain Bolt would be sick behind a bobsled. And you know, Jamaican bobsled, ‘Cool Runnings,’ he’s got that history behind him.”