Experts share tips for how to efficiently warm your home


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Experts say it’s a good idea to check on the condition of your heating system twice a year, especially in the months leading up to winter.

We get it – you forgot. That’s OK. You are not alone.

“Every time anybody hears there’s going to be a couple of inches [of snow], everybody gets panicked,” said Josh Sagers, a technician for Air Specialty Heating & Air Conditioning.

Sagers says heat pumps last between 10-12 years. It’s important to keep the coils, motor and compressor clean to ensure the unit runs effectively and efficiently.

In cold weather, he says it’s common for ice to build up on the outside of the pump. If too much ice accumulates, it could affect the defroster and might need to be fixed by a professional.

Inside your home, Sagers says it’s important to regularly change the batteries in the thermostat and change air filters every four to six weeks.

“It’s like your car. You don’t drive your car 10,000 miles without changing the oil. It’s the same concept,” Sagers said. “You don’t run your system without cleaning it, because the dirtier it is the less efficient it is. The less efficient it is, the more money it costs you to run.”

Winterizing homes by sealing doors and windows is a good way to keep heating systems from working overtime, Sagers says.

Protecting pipes from freezing is often as simple as letting the faucet drip and opening up cabinets to allow the heat in the house to reach the pipes.

Sagers says you should call a technician if your heating system is not able to warm the home above 70 degrees.

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