HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — The laptops that hold voter registration information caused delays at some polling places across Hampton Roads on Tuesday, and in one case, kept a polling location open past the scheduled 7 p.m. closing time.

“The poll book is the laptop that when you go to vote and you tell them your name and address, it contains a list of registered voters in that precinct and it will check you off as an eligible voter,” said Department of Elections Commissioner Susan Beals.

At a press briefing Tuesday morning, Beals acknowledged the polling book issue in Suffolk and said the polling places there had switched to paper poll books.

“Every single locality that has an electronic poll book is required to have a back up on site,” Beals said.

The closing time for the East Suffolk Recreation Center polling place in Suffolk was extended until 7:20 p.m. after it opened 20 minutes late due to the electronic issues with voting machines. A judge signed off on the change. 

The poll book gave Portsmouth voter Robert Depue a surprise when he showed up to his polling place at Churchland Elementary and was told he had already voted.

“I hadn’t. I vote on Election Day. Always have,” Depue said.

Depue was second in line to vote at 7 a.m., with one voter in front of him who had similar issues.

“It took them 30 minutes for them to find out I didn’t vote and then the lady beside me who had voted first, they said they don’t think her vote really counted,” Depue said.

10 On Your Side asked Portsmouth Director of Elections Alexandra Abell about the poll worker’s comment that someone’s vote may not have counted.

“Every eligible vote will be counted,” she said, acknowledging that the electronic poll books have caused some hiccups.

“You would like to think your vote counts, especially today,” Depue said.

Several polling locations changed for voters this election due to redistricting. Although not an issue per se, it did cause confusion for voters who showed up to the wrong place.