WILLIAMSBURG, Va (WAVY) — October is National Bullying Prevention Month and positivity is positively everywhere at Laurel Lane Elementary School in Williamsburg.

From a red Solo cup shout out on the fence proclaiming “Say No To Bullying,” to the welcoming walkway with words such as “Be an Upstander,” there are lessons to be learned in every corner and classroom.

Anti-bullying programs are built into the curriculum at Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools.

“The fifth-graders, for example, are doing a book study on the book ‘Wonder’ and it has a theme of choosing kind and not being a bully,” Counselor Amy Meisler told WAVY.

This month, they’re taking the message to even greater lengths.

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“We are building a chain,” fourth-grader Amari Bonner said while showing 10 On Your Side the orange construction paper circles with positive messages and pictures drawn on them in crayon.

“It has positive words, bright colors, and we’re going to be hanging this in the cafeteria,” said fifth-grader Adrianna Rogers.

“If you keep reminding people, they’ll do the right thing, Bonner said. “Be kind to everybody, even though you don’t have to like them, just respect them.”

Administrators say it’s about building a foundation for life.

“When we teach from a young age how to be understanding and how to be accepting and how to have inclusivity… it makes a whole lot better for when you have adults that come through this world and are, working through differences.” said Laurel Lane Principal Karen Swann.

Next week, the school will celebrate spirit week with special events and surprises. Wednesday will be unity day when everyone around the country is encouraged to wear orange in solidarity and support of bullying prevention.