NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — When students head to college, they’re focused on preparing for the future — that’s why bankers in the area want to teach them on how to be financially smart.

Suntrust Bank has started a community series to teach financial literacy, and on Saturday they spoke with students at Norfolk State University on the topic.

The students met with former professional athletes for advice on how they can better prepare for the future.

Those with Suntrust say teaching college students is beneficial because it’s starting the process while they’re young and still in the learning mode.

“We hope they take away a sense of confidence. It’s not about what you know today, but about your confidence to go out and get answers,” said Arnold Evans with Suntrust Bank. “No one knows all the answers, but they can get them if they got out and get the trust.”

The panel was made up of current NBA officials and former MLB, NBA and NFL players.