HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) – Henrico County Public Schools is one step closer to adding another security measure to local schools, but the county still has to decide which scanning technology to adopt.

They are currently testing two systems: Metal detectors and weapons scanners.

Administrators found scanners checked more students at a faster pace compared to metal detectors and had a more positive impact on student metal health.

Some parents have expressed concern about not having enough staff to operate the devices properly, but school board members say safety has always been their first priority.

“Safety in our schools has to be an all hands on deck with all of our stakeholders,” said Henrico County School Board member Marcie Shea.

Some school board members and families expressed concerns about not having enough staff to operate the devices and the impact to class time.

School Board Chairwoman Kristi Kinsella said safety has always been a top priority for the board. So, they’re always considering how each component can make the school community safe.

“While these scanners or metal detectors are an added layer, they don’t protect against all threats,” she said.

The board expects to vote on a recommendation in June.