POQUOSON, Va. (WAVY) – In today’s School Safety Spotlight, we’re focused on keeping those with bad intentions out of schools. Poquoson City Public Schools is close to completing a project that promises to help do just that.

“That’s the key, minutes or even seconds,” said Poquoson Schools Superintendent Arty Tillett.

In many cases time is what law enforcement needs to get to a school to prevent a potential tragedy.

“We’re very focused on high levels of learning, but none of that matters if our kids aren’t safe,” said Tillett.

Tillett said for the past four years, the school system has worked with Mid-Atlantic Technology Services in Newport News to install ballistic film on windows and doorways of all four school campuses. A video demonstration, provided by Mid-Atlantic Technology Services, shows the film doesn’t stop a bullet, but it does stop someone from easily breaking in through the glass, even after a bullet goes through.

“We’ve done it in a phased-in approach. The first part of this was to get all of our entryways covered, any glass at an entryway. So, that’s been done, and so now we’re looking at any exposed glass on the exterior,” said Tillett.

Tillett said the ballistic film, combined with the school’s security system, including cameras and armed school resource officers, is just another layer in the multi-layer protection Poquoson Schools has in place for staff and students.

“The full purpose is keeping our kids safe. That’s our number one priority,” said Tillett.

Tillett said this project should be complete before the middle of the school year.

Perquimans County School District also added anti-intrusion safety film to windows at all school entrances.