PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – As children head back to school, supplies are important to help them start strong. Educational resources are also critical to help students at home. 

Experts at Google have tools to help children grasp new lessons during the school year.

Students can get a more in-depth understanding in history or geography class by utilizing Google’s virtual field trips. If there is a challenging math concept, students scan type the math equation into the search bar. They will not only obtain the answer, but also receive an explanation for how to solve the problem.

There is even a resource for early learners. “One of my favorites is something we just launched called Read Along,” said Peter Du, Google Technology Expert. “It helps younger students who are learning how to read. It puts a little story book on the page. It’ll say the sentences, and if you get stuck on a word… it will help you say what it is. It will help you learn what you are saying and correct you along the way.” 

There are also resources like Freckle.com, which is a free site that offers activities in math, English, social studies and science.

Another helpful site is Khan Academy, which is great for older students. The site offers resources on advanced topics like Calculus, AP courses, and event test prep.