HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – When we talk about back-to-school driving safety, it’s important to remember that some of those teens heading back to school may have earned their driver’s license over the summer.

Those first-time drivers are excited making their way to school and a lot can happen in the blink of an eye.

There are some things Holly Dalby with AAA wants teen drivers to remember throughout the school year.

At the top of that list is to keep the phone down. It seems that may be the biggest distraction that not just teens, but adult drivers also have in this day and age. That cell phone can keep you from keeping your eyes on the road which should be the most important thing to you when you’re driving.

Secondly, we can all remember our favorite song in high school. High schoolers driving to school need to keep the volume of their music down, especially when driving through school zones.

The last one from Dalby may be the most important

“New drivers, new teens that have their license, they’re getting to drive to school for the first time. It doesn’t mean that you wait until it’s ready for last bell to get to the school parking lot. Take your time. There’s gonna be more traffic; you don’t want to be speeding, especially in school zones. Those tickets are high in school zones and there’s no no joke with those, so please slow down, buckle up, put your phone away and just be careful on your way to school.”

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