NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Artificial intelligence is everywhere. People interact with it daily on streaming platforms, apps and search engines.

It is also present in education. Using platforms like ChatGPT can help create lesson plans and assist in learning. Teachers, administrators and students can use it in work and studies.

Digital Host Sarah Goode spoke to professor Dr. Helen Crompton from Old Dominion University. She is the executive director of the Research Institute for Digital Innovation in Learning. An expert in the field, Crompton discussed AI in education at the WAVY Digital Desk. Watch the conversation in the video player on this page.

In the conversation, they discuss the benefits of AI, the possible problems and what it will look like in the classroom.

With ChatGPT, there are concerns about the possibilities of cheating or harming the development of critical thinking skills. Examples include copying ChatGPT for homework or writing a paper to using it to solve a problem, without learning the steps.

Crompton says with guidelines and digital literacy, people can have AI as a useful tool.

“With these powerful tools it can create a generation of unthinking students if we allow it, so we need to be sure so we know what’s going on.”

She adds, it is important to give teachers time for professional development and training to be able to implement AI in their classrooms.

She offered examples of how students might be able to implement it to improve in certain subjects.

“Students can have debates with ChatGPT on a topic and the critical thinking there is extraordinary. That they can have a back and forth. And, there’s so many ways it can be used,” Crompton said. “Or, a student saying I’m struggling with study techniques, what can I do, and asking ChatGPT to give advice.”

Crompton said it should should serve as a co-pilot. It should not direct you, but rather serve as a tool. Backing up this point, it’s important to note, that ChatGPT is not always 100% factual. While it can be helpful, it needs human interaction and editing.

Schools in Hampton Roads are taking AI and ChatGPT seriously, something Crompton said is essential.

“People need to kind of explore these things, and while we are going to have a lot of negative sides, we really need to look at the positive sides as well, of how this tool can really transform learning.”

Watch the full conversation to hear more about AI.