GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – It’s once again the time of year for East Carolina students to fill Greenville.

The campus finally has some life with students moving into dorms for early move-in on Tuesday.

“I’m looking forward to starting the school year and just meeting everyone and just getting into ECU,” said student Mia Taylor.

University officials said they’re welcoming 5,400 students onto campus over the next few days. That’s the most they’ve seen in several years.

“We really are going to be focused on getting them on campus, getting a sense of belonging and making sure they feel that pirate nation spirit,” said ECU Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Brandon Frye.

With this big move, Greenville is expected to see an increase in traffic on some of the main roads near campus.

“We’re gonna have some traffic congestion in areas where our community is not been used to seeing traffic congested like this since May,” said Capt. Chris Sutton with ECU Police. “There will be areas like 10th Street, 14th Street, Elm Street, Charles Boulevard and Greenville Boulevard that will be busy.”

These traffic days will last Wednesday through Friday, so they encouraged drivers to give themselves extra time if traveling near campus.

Most students will start moving onto campus on Wednesday.