Did two robbers take pictures of themselves on a stolen iPhone?


HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — In Hampton, two robbers may have put a twist on the phrase “caught on camera.”

A pizza delivery driver in Hampton claims robbers stole his phone. But, when someone took pictures on that phone this week, he could still see the pictures.

On a delivery run last Wednesday, Chris Harkins ran into a deadly situation.

“I don’t wanna die over $17,” he said.

Harkins works at Ricco’s Pizza in Hampton. That night he took an order for an apartment nearby in the Seldenville Farms townhomes. When he got to the door something was wrong.

“A guy opened the window above the door and he said he didn’t order anything,” Harkins said.

He said something felt wrong and he started to walk back to his car.

“I get right here I see two guys standing right here,” Harkins pointed out.

He picked up his pace and the two hooded men ran up, one had a gun.

“They just told me to drop my phone, give them the food, give them the cash.”

Harkins did what the men said. They got away with the food, $17 and his iPhone. But they didn’t get away without leaving something behind. Harkins’ iPhone is still linked to his iCloud account.

Thursday night, he logged onto to his computer and when he checked the phone’s photo account he was surprised.

“The first things I see are newer pictures, some pictures I didn’t take,” he said.

He saw pictures taken of two men, one armed with a gun. Harkins said these may, or may not, be the ones who robbed him.

“I don’t know any idea who they are, but they look similar to the guys that robbed me,” he said

Harkins sent the pictures to police. He hopes they’ll be a breakthrough in the cases.

Hampton police say they recognize the men in the pictures, but have to investigate whether or not they are suspects.

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