MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — While sites like Chat GPT are blocked in many schools, artificial intelligence is still being taught in other ways in schools.

At least two Montgomery County Public Schools are incorporating AI through a unique course.

Nora Burkhauser teaches the course at Montgomery Blair High School.

“In a nutshell, what I think AI is, is we are creating a model to make predictions or decisions to help us solve problems, if that makes any sense,” she said.

“Like five years ago, these were not available and I kind of had to make my own thing back then. But now every month there’s something new coming out from these places like, Code High School,” Burkhauser continued.

The course has been offered for several years in Montgomery County, as part of a magnet program, but there’s more demand for the course.

“Last year I only had one section of the class and then the word got out and this year I had doubled that,” Burkhauser said. “I actually think we’re on the verge of some big changes. I tell my students, you know, make a note of this because I think that the way you learn and the way a lot of people do business is going to change very soon. And so, yes, so remember this because it’s going to be different in a couple of years.”