PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A woman admitted to police she drove the person who shot the father of her children to the scene of the crime, according to a criminal complaint obtained by WAVY-TV 10.

The victim, identified as 34-year-old Rocco Nixon, died from his injuries at the hospital.

Angel Peterson-Bryant is charged with accessory after the fact of murder second-degree and obstruction of justice (material false statements) in the case.

Later Friday, Portsmouth Police said investigators have arrested 22-year-old Ryheem Jasaun Hargrow Pugh and charged him with second-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Angel Peterson-Bryant (Courtesy of Portsmouth City Jail)

In court documents that outline the horror of what happened, Peterson-Bryant, the mother of the children, admits driving the shooter to Gifted Minds Academy daycare center on King St. in Portsmouth Thursday morning.

They were in the car right next to where their father was shot, and then the mother left the scene.

The shooter confronted the victim, who was at the center to pay his bill, a source confirmed to WAVY. Nixon was shot several times.

Court documents identify the shooter as Peterson-Bryant’s boyfriend, although Portsmouth Police have not named him as a suspect at this time.

The criminal complaint stated that “the shooter arrives with Peterson-Bryant at the Day Care Center prior to Nixon arriving … Once the victim arrives the shooter exits the vehicle (with Peterson-Bryant) and they meet. An encounter occurs where the shooter shoots the victim … the victim was shot at least two times. While the victim was on the ground the shooter/suspect fired additional shots to the victim.”

Peterson-Bryant reportedly drove away from the scene in her red Kia SUV and eventually went to Virginia Beach.

During her interview with police, she reportedly told police she did not see the shooter again, but when investigators questioned the validity of that statement, she admitted she met up with him at a motel in Virginia Beach, did not call 911 and did not attempt to report the shooting.

The court documents also state she deleted a text message thread in her phone with the suspect upon questioning and examination of her phone.

The criminal complaint reads, “Peterson-Bryant aided (shooter) after the shooting to include cohabiting in a motel where it is probable statements were made, and arranged prior to contact with police.”

Police announced her arrest Friday morning.

Peterson-Bryant and Nixon have two children together. Both were in the vehicle at the time of the shooting, WAVY News has confirmed through the court document and a source. They were not injured and are reportedly now staying with family members.

As WAVY reported Thursday, there were no children in the Portsmouth daycare at the time of the shooting.

Seven evidence markers were visible on scene.

Image shows several evidence markers following a shooting on King St. in Portsmouth on June 1, 2023 (WAVY Photo – Andy Fox)

After the shooting Thursday morning, and on her way to work, Nedra Adamson stopped to render aid to shooting victim Rocco Nixon.

“He was on the ground kept saying please call 911, please call 911, get me help. Get me help. Get me help,'” Adamson said. “I said help is coming.”

Adamson stayed, but the mother of Nixon’s children would leave the scene.

Peterson-Bryant, according to the criminal complaint, told police that “she drove away, and eventually went to Virginia Beach and then had no more encounters with the shooter.”

But under interrogation by police. Investigators report that “during interview she admits she did meet with shooter in Virginia Beach… Went to motel…did not call 911… Or attempt to report the shooting.”

Peterson-Bryant was charged. When Adamson saw the mugshot, she remembered that face at the scene.

“Yeah, I saw her,” Adamson said. “I just thought she was somebody out there just trying to help like we were. But she never gave assistance. She stood back at a distance by the tree in the yard … did nothing.”

During the police interview investigators say that “Peterson-Bryant…deleted text message thread in her phone with the suspect upon questioning and examination of her phone.”

The criminal complaint also noted that “Peterson Bryant aided (shooter) after the shooting to include cohabiting in a motel where it is probable statements were made and arranged prior to contact with police.”

The shooter is named in the complaint, but he has not been charged.

For Adamson, helping a gunshot victim was personal. She lost her son to a shooting.

“I’ve been there when I lost my 14-year-old son,” Adamson said. “I feel like it was the right thing to do to stop and help because that is what they did for me until I could get home.”

Peterson-Bryant remains in jail, and refused to do an on-camera interview.

This is a developing case.

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