NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A Chesterfield woman who abducted an infant in Newport News earlier this year will spend five years in prison.

Tykirah Reid was sentenced in Chesterfield last week to 10 years with five years suspended on abduction and child neglect charges. She also received five years of supervised probation after her release.

Reid was then transferred to Newport News City Jail, where a separate abduction charge in the same case was dismissed in a Juvenile and Domestic Relations court Thursday morning.

Reid took 3-month-old Jiraiya Cherry from a Newport News home back in February, and she was caught in Chesterfield County after an extensive search that included an Amber Alert being sent out.

Jiraiya’s parents said they found Reid in an online babysitter group, and the abduction happened on the first day she was watching the child.

Reid’s lawyer says she was depressed at the time of the abduction, after having a miscarriage during an abusive relationship. She got the idea to fake a pregnancy in order to reconcile with the abusive ex, the lawyer said, and even had a fake pregnancy belly and sonogram.

Her defense attorney, Andrew Protogyrou, spoke to 10 On Your Side Thursday after her charge in Newport News was dismissed.

“At the conclusion of that sentence, we expect that she’ll also have to keep doing any drug and alcohol treatment that she would have,” he said. “Also, any mental health screening and treatment that’s required of her. So I believe that she’s a young woman. She has a chance now to have the rest of her life in front of her with a little bit of help from the state.”

Protogyrou argued the Commonwealth wasn’t eager right away to nolle pross — or drop — her charge, but said he was prepared to argue a second charge of abduction for the same case would be double jeopardy for her.

“We knew that coming into Newport News, we were still going to stand on our double jeopardy issue and that she shouldn’t be prosecuted here,” he said. “The court, though, didn’t rule on that, the Commonwealth made their decision not to go forward.”

As part of her probation, Protogyrou says Reid will not be allowed to have contact with the family of the infant she abducted, and will have to follow specific drug and mental health guidance from the court.