NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — For many kids, riding a bike around the neighborhood is a rite of passage. For two Norfolk teens, riding their new bikes for the first time ended with them running for their lives after a man driving an SUV aggressively drove after them in Elmhurst.

It was a Norfolk family’s worst nightmare — their children in danger in their own neighborhood. Now they’re asking for your help in finding the men responsible.

In security video shared by a neighbor, 15-year-old twin brothers are seen riding their bikes in the street and move out of the way when a silver SUV comes speeding down the road and blows through a stop sign. Seconds later the SUV turns around and follows the teens into a parking lot. The boys jump from their bikes and run home.

“I feel like in their mind they were just doing it to do it,” said one twin.

The family, who didn’t want their faces shown, spoke to us off-camera.

“They really just ruined everything. I just don’t feel safe riding around,” the second twin said.

Another video clip shows the SUV coming to a halt, a man getting out and stealing one of the discarded bikes. After watching the video herself, the teens’ mom was horrified. The teens tell 10 On Your Side they saw two men in the SUV. The back driver’s side window was broken and covered with tape.

“I feel like if you just wanted the bikes, just take the bikes. You don’t have to try to run them over,” said the boys’ mom.

The surveillance video belongs to Lisa Edwards. Edwards has children herself and is disgusted by what happened.

“It’s a shame. Kids can’t be kids nowadays and play outside. I’m afraid to let my daughter outside to play just because of that very situation,” Edwards told 10 On Your Side.

The boys’ family just want the men caught and wants justice for the teens.

“It wasn’t funny if they thought it was funny in any kind of way. They shouldn’t do that to people and it’s not okay,” their mother said.

If you recognize a silver SUV that’s missing a back driver side window, call Norfolk police or the Crime Line.