NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Students at Norfolk State University are sounding the alarm after a string of car break-ins on campus.

Students say on Friday morning, they discovered eight car windows had been shattered overnight in the Midrise parking lot.

Deoni Windstead said her passenger door window was shattered and a few items were stolen.

“I’d really like them to up the security on campus or have cops that patrol the area and make sure this stuff doesn’t happen,” Windstead said. “We live here, so we don’t want our stuff to be unsafe and get grabbed. I mean I couldn’t imagine if I had left something that was actually valuable in my car.”

Another student, Amellia Pittman, said her window was also smashed. Her car was parked in front of one of two cameras monitoring the lot. Still, she said, campus police couldn’t determine who broke into her car. She said two men were seen on the camera footage, though. 

“We pay for our parking pass, we pay to keep our car on campus, just for our car to get broken in to and for us to have to fix it ourselves,” Pittman said.

Several students said that there aren’t enough patrols in the lots at night to allay crime. 

NSU spokeswoman Stevalynn Adams said that the police department and the student government are communicating about the issues. 

“Our investigation into this matter is ongoing and no additional information is available for release at this time. Additionally, the campus community is being reminded to be proactive by keeping unattended vehicles locked and removing all valuables for added safety,” she wrote in a message to 10 On Your Side.

Adams also pointed to a rise in car break-ins and car thefts nationally. 

“Cameras and other security strategies are being considered as we continue to work with our law enforcement partners throughout the region,” she wrote.

Anyone with information about the break-ins should contact the police.