NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk police believe three shootings that left six people injured in April may be linked to an ongoing gang rivalry, according to records obtained by 10 On Your Side.

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The shootings happened in Campostella between April 22 and April 25:

10 On Your Side’s investigative team is closely tracking gun violence and its impact on Hampton Roads. Our team discovered that police believe the three shootings may be related to an ongoing rivalry between two gangs: Cream 2K in Norfolk and the 300 gang in Portsmouth.

During their investigations into the shootings, police discovered that Cream 2K and the 300 gang are currently in a “dispute.” Police also discovered that the alleged shooters in each incident fled the scenes in cars headed in the same direction: the Downtown Tunnel.

The rivalry between Cream 2K and the 300 gang isn’t new. Norfolk prosecutors said the gangs were responsible for a shootout at MacArthur Center in February 2019 that injured two people. Two accused members of Cream 2K — Kevin Holloman and D’Vegan Melvin — pleaded guilty to gang participation in connection to the shooting.

Six months later, two Cream 2K members, Davidro Smith and Dequan McKee, were arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase. Police discovered drugs and guns during their investigation, including one firearm that had been stolen from a federally licensed gun store in 2019. The men were sentenced to nearly 16 years in prison combined in November 2020.

A 300 gang member is accused of shooting a Portsmouth Police Department officer while she was trying to arrest him in October 2017. Will Patterson was 15 years old when he allegedly shot Officer Angelina Baaklini. He told a Portsmouth judge that he is part of the 300 gang.

Patterson was originally convicted of shooting Baaklini, but appealed the conviction and won. He’s scheduled to be tried by a jury on May 17.