NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A 16-year-old from Newport News being investigated for exchanging pornography online with a 13-year-old girl in Florida, threatened to kill an Orlando detective working on the case, police say.

He eventually stole his parents’ car and drove it to Florida before being run off the road and taken into custody on Wednesday.

He is now possibly facing charges that include attempted murder on a law enforcement officer.

The Orlando Police Department released dashcam video from the Florida Highway Patrol. It initially shows police engaging in a high-speed chase on I-95 south, just south of Jacksonville. Then they use a maneuver to knock the vehicle off the road before taking the teen into custody just before 3 p.m. Wednesday.

“We thought he was such a threat to society in general, not just to law enforcement, but to everybody, so we had to take him out now,” Maj. Chris Blackmon, with the Florida Highway Patrol said.

WAVY-TV is choosing not to identify the 16-year-old at this time as he is a minor who has not been formally charged.

Orlando Police say the whole situation started when they were tipped about online relationship between the 16-year-old suspect and the 13-year-old female from Orlando.

The two met online on March 1. Police became aware of the pair when a parent of the 13-year-old reported there was “transmission of pornographic material” occurring between the two.

After detectives contacted the parents of the 16-year-old as part of the investigation, police say the teen called the Orlando Police Department’s Emergency Community Center and made a series of threats. He later called the Orlando Police Department and left a voicemail threatening to kill one of the detectives working the case, police say.

“I’m going to come down and kill all of ya, be afraid,” the teen said in a voicemail left Saturday. In another voicemail he said “God has commanded me to kill I will end your life.  Could be within a week, could be several years.”

“He didn’t like knowing that he could go to jail for transmitting those photos,” Lt. Frank Chisari, with Orlando police said.

Orlando police called Newport News police, who told them the teen’s parents reported their vehicle was stolen. Investigators determined the teen withdrew cash from a bank with the intent of heading to Orlando.

The FBI, U.S. Marshals, and Florida Highway Patrol were contacted to be on the lookout.

“His intent was to also harm our detective then take the 13-year-old. Very, very disturbing and articulate about how he was going to go about doing this,” Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon said. “This kid is someone who concerns us tremendously.”

At this time, police haven’t shared additional details in the case due to the ongoing investigation, but they say the teen potentially faces a charge of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer.

He’s currently in custody at the St. Johns County Jail.

A woman who identified herself as a member of the teens immediate family insisted only one side of the story is currently being told. However she declined to share much more.

“I will not comment about any possible changes at this time, however what I will say is there needs to be a look at the failure of education systems and mental health systems in this child’s lifetime,” the woman said.