MATHEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A man accused of sexually abusing a teenager while he was serving as a church youth leader has been denied bond.

A judge denied Kenneth Scott Marshall bond following a two-hour hearing on Wednesday.

A grand jury indicted Marshall in mid-July on charges of aggravated sexual battery of a minor through the use of mental incapacity or physical helplessness and forcible sodomy of a minor through the use of mental incapacity or physical helplessness.

According to court documents, the teen has an intellectual disability and was supposedly on sleep medication at the time of the alleged incident.

hearing in late-July was delayed after Marshall’s attorney filed a motion so that investigators could take a look at evidence on Marshall’s cellphone. According to court records, investigators were examining the phone to see if it contained any child pornography.

Prosecutors on Wednesday brought up several charges and convictions from Marshall’s past — which included petit larceny conviction in 2008, DUI and obstruction of justice convictions from 2008, a 2001 conviction for simple assault and a charge of possession of child pornography in 2003,where he was convicted of a lesser crime according to prosecutors.

Marshall’s defense wanted him out on bail with conditions such as house arrest. Members from Marshall’s church testified Wednesday on behalf of his character, saying they knew somewhat of his past but he’s changed since joining the church.

Witnesses also testified against the victim stating that the 16-year-old has reported multiple false sexual assault allegations before and is in counseling for attention seeking behavior.

Prosecutors presented DNA evidence at the hearing that was found in the victim’s genital area they say matched with Marshall’s DNA and had a one out of seven billion chance of matching another’s DNA.

Marshall also took the stand to testify and says he wants to clear his name.

Marshall is due back in court on September 26 to set a new attorney.