TAZEWELL, VA (WVNS)–Trash is piling up on the shoulders of Route 460 between Bluefield and Tazewell and people are starting to notice.

Danny Addison is one of the owners of Back of the Dragon which is a 32-mile stretch of curvy roads that attract tourists internationally.

He said tourists came up to him amazed at the scenery but grossed out by all of the trash on the ground.

“We had a couple from Louisiana that went up to Maine, had their bikes trucked up to Maine and then they rode from Maine back to Louisiana and they stopped at Back of the Dragon and they told us how much they enjoyed the ride, how pretty the scenery was but what’s up with all the trash,” Addison said.

Chief Deputy Harold Heatley with the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Department said they enforce littering patrols.

Heatley said because of the weather, his department has not sent out crews to pick up trash but they plan to start the Litter Pick-Up Program sometime in the spring.

“Beginning in April, we’re not sure exactly when we’ll start picking up litter. We have another resource we’re going to be looking at out of Russell County maybe another resource to get more bodies,” Heatley said.

But until then, Addison is proposing to the community a way to catch litterers in the act. By giving the witness who catches someone littering $100.

“You turn somebody in for littering they get convicted, I don’t have a problem giving them $100 out of that $500 fine,” Addison said.

The Sheriff’s Department also has a method of its own to stop the litterbugs with hidden cameras.

“Beware, you might throw your trash out on the side of the road but there may be a camera right there catching you so beware because if we catch you on video, we’ll put your face on Facebook and social media,” Heatley said.