SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — For those dreading the winter electricity bills this season, Columbia Gas may have good news.

Columbia Gas of Virginia announced that heating bills could be lower this year than in years prior for their customers. Based on the the current market predictions, assuming average winter weather conditions, a significant portion of natural gas bills are estimated to be around 50% lower than last year, the company said, in a release.

“The decrease in the cost of the natural gas comes as good news as we head into the winter months, when customers are typically using more to heat their homes,” said Jennifer Montague, Columbia Gas of Virginia president and CEO.

Increased production levels from last year led to lower current market prices as well as several other factors.

“Even with the estimated decrease in market prices for natural gas, we know there are times when it may be difficult for some customers to pay their utility bills,” Montague said. “We urge any customer, regardless of their situation, to contact us to explore the wide array of programs and options that can be utilized to keep customers connected.”

Those that need assistance with utilities can utilize some of the resources below:

  • Payment Plans
  • Low income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP
  • Crisis – Emergency Energy Assistance: Provides funds for customers in emergency situations and who are in danger of losing their heat.
  • HeatShare: Available to eligible customers who have exhausted all other available energy assistance programs.
  • Age and Income Qualifying Program: 60+ or qualify by income, contract partner Community Housing Partners at 1-888-229-3714.

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