Chesapeake woman’s car stolen with child’s Christmas gifts inside


CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – When a thief took a Chesapeake woman’s car, they got more than just her means of transportation– they also got away with all of her child’s Christmas presents.

After a long day of grocery and last-minute Christmas shopping, Kelsey Ferrell and her boyfriend parked their car, full of unwrapped Christmas gifts, at their home and headed inside.

“It wasn’t until we decided we were going to wrap all the gifts and go get them that we found out there was no car to get the gifts out of,” said Ferrell.

To her surprise, she found an empty parking space and their car full of valuables missing. Ferrell believes she left their keys inside her apartment door lock.

“Once we realized there was no car, there were no gifts, there was no money to get new ones, like I just felt defeated,” Ferrell said.

According to police, Ferrell filed a police report as soon as they realized the car was gone, however, it wasn’t until Christmas Day they learned that their car had been found. Now, it sits in an impound lot completely destroyed.

Ferrell says the damages she sees on the car, like blown tires, scratches on the side and a missing side mirror, only tell part of the story. All the presents were nowhere to be found.

Ferrell has a message for the thieves.”It’s not just the consequences that you’re gonna face, cause you might not care if you go to jail, but as a human being, you’re really affecting so many other lives when you are doing what you’re doing,” she said.

Ferrell said she feels violated and that she let down the kids that depend on her, but it’s her faith that keeps her head high.

“How is all of this happening to me when I am faithful and when I do feel like I am trying to live a Christ-like life? It’s hard, but at the end of the day that’s the only thing that really keeps us going is the fact that we understand and it’s not in our control.’ Ferrell said.

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