Chesapeake family searching for missing miniature horse after herd escapes


CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — The search is on for a missing mini horse in Chesapeake.

It’s been two weeks since Gem was last seen October 8 on Shillelagh Road, off Benefit Road. Her herd escaped from their pasture at CL7 Minis on Bunch Walnuts Road, and she has still not found her way home.

“They’re my kids, everybody has full names,” said Gwyn Rankin as she introduced Shiloh, Lilah, BJ, Tori, Cherry and Amass the donkey, but this crew is known for more than their good looks.

“Either it wasn’t shut tight or they worked it and got this piece to turn around because this is the gate they got out.”

Rankin says they’re escape artists.

“Tuesday morning, on the 8th, somebody came knocking on my door letting me know that there were horses over on Benefit Road headed towards 17,” she said.

Five to be exact, and everyone was returned expect for one, Gem.

“Everybody kind of thinks that maybe like a car came around the corner or something and just scared them, and she went one way and the others went the other way,” she said.

Gem’s black and white, and all alone, as far as Rankin knows.

Gem the mini horse

“You’ve got the worst case scenario running through your mind, you’ve got the wondering where she is. Is she OK?”

Rankin said something doesn’t add up. “When she realized she was separated, it’s kind of odd that she didn’t call out to the others to try and find out where they were and get back together.”

But she doesn’t let those thoughts enter often.

“It makes me think one of two things either she’s deep in the woods somewhere or somebody who doesn’t have social media or something has her in their pasture for safe keeping, just until they figure out who she belongs to,” she said.

Gwyn is offering a reward for anyone who finds her. If you know anything or have heard anything, a link to her contact information is here.

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