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PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (KARK) — Walking around the Olympic Park, Aaron Nolan ran into former figure skaters and NBC commentators Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir and took a few moments to find out about their experience outside of the press box.

“How much fun is PyeongChang right now, Korean BBQ, Korean Culture, I’ve had a lot of fun, how about you guys?” Nolan asked.

“Oh, we’ve had a blast, we started off in Seoul, I had never been before, Johnny has been many times so he was my tour guide,” Lipinski explained.

” We saw a little bit of team skating yesterday,” Nolan said, “you guys thoughts? Of course Nathan Chen had kind of a rough go of it.”

“It was a rough go, but ice is slippery,” Weir said, “Nathan Chen’s performance was uncharacteristic, we haven’t seen him have trouble like we have in the short program, but we are both confident, his record, and what he’s done over the last couple of seasons that for sure he’ll bounce back in the individual men’s event.”

“You have bad days, you have good days and the great thing about skating is you can have a horrible skate and then the next day you can have the best skate of your life,” Lipinski added.”

“We have a lot of events coming up, what are you guys looking forward to, outside of figure skating, what else are guys wanting to watch?” Nolan asked.

“Well first of all of you should be looking forward to figure skating as well, you get to join us for it. I think my favorite sport outside figure skating in the Winter Olympics is ski jumping,” Weir said, “I think it’s absolutely incredible.

“Could you do that?” Nolan asked.

“You know what, I’d have to jazz up the costume a little bit, but I definitely think I’d be a very, very adept ski jumper,” Weir said.

“I love hockey,” Lipinski said.

“Could you do that?” Nolan asked.

“She’d be great at skeleton,” Weir interjected.

“I’d be horrible,” Lipinski chuckled.