NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY)- A local entrepreneur will award thirteen female small business owners grants in May.

Dr. Angela Reddix is the president and CEO of ARDX. Reddix says the company is celebrating its 13th anniversary and wanted to not only do something to mark the occasion, but wanted to help the community.

“I believe in this economic crisis, time is such that many entrepreneurs are dealing with depression, anxiety, etc. as they see their dreams go away in front of their eyes. I woke up thinking I wanted to continue to be the light in this environment,” Reddix said.

On Monday, Reddix launched the Reddix Rules Fund to help those who are struggling.

The application is open to female business owners across the state for grants amounting to $2,020 each.

Reddix says the business must be a viable business and be in good standing with the state.

Business owners must also send in a video telling the story of their business.

While the money granted might not make up for all the business owners lost recently, she hopes it helps many get through.

“For that person or organization, hopefully this will be a lifeline until they get that money,” she said.

On top of the grants, Reddix hopes this will bring more awareness to those who are applying so people can support their businesses.

Those selected will also be encouraged to form a mentoring relationship, according to Reddix.

“What I’m hoping more than anything is that anyone who receives the award, applies for the award, hears about the award, recognizes in this state of all of us not having control over tomorrow, one thing we can control is we are empowered to give back. Whatever you can do, it may not be financial, but in this time we can … show kindness to one another and help people in need,” she said.

The application to apply is open until April 30.

Winners will be announced the first 13 days of May, which is also Reddix’s birthday month.

She says she’s glad to be celebrating it doing something she loves and that’s charitable.

“You don’t have to be the federal government. You don’t have to be a large corporation. We as individuals can show humanity and make the difference,” she said.

To apply, click here.

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