VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A group of local law enforcement officers is calling on toymaker Mattel to bring back Barbie, police officer Barbie that is.

Barbie, who turns 60 this year, has had more than 200 careers. The toy company says it inspires young girls to be anything they can imagine.

So it came as a big surprise to Virginia Beach homicide detective Angela Murphy when she couldn’t find a crime-fighting Barbie.

Murphy’s 6-year-old daughter Riley loves to play with Barbie dolls. 

“Her and my mother were having a good time playing Barbies outside the Barbie dream house and there was an incident at the market where they needed a police officer, and it was at that point I realized we didn’t have any police officer Barbies,” Murphy said. 

Murphy went online to track one down, but couldn’t find a current one. She found a retro 1990s police Barbie and another off-brand doll wearing a skirt. 

“A skirt!” she said.

So, she gathered a couple dozen cops and FBI agents, along with girls and dolls, for a photo shoot at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach. 

“We’re hoping we can get departments nationwide to do a photo and send a letter to Mattel that we deserve a police officer Barbie,” Murphy explained.

She has written a letter as well, with a lot of information about the history of policewomen and where they are now. Women currently make up 10% of police forces nationwide.

10 On Your Side also reached out to Mattel to find out when they stopped making police officer Barbie and if they would consider putting her back into production.

We are still waiting to hear from Mattel.