Following a devastating fire in 2021, the Historic 1925 Suffolk Towers building is undergoing a major renovation.

The building used to house more than 50 low income housing units, but it will soon be transformed into luxury apartments.

The former Elliott Hotel is filled with a lot of history and a lot of 1920’s charm. It’s undergone some major renovations in it’s 100-year-old history and it’s about to undergo another major renovation starting this summer.

Tymoff and Moss Principal Architect Michael Schnekser says their goal is to bring some of that historic charm back to life.

“The lobby will be again very much like it was originally with terrazzo floors and decorative plaster columns,” said Schnekser. “The old check in desk will be visible once again.”

Tymoff and Moss Architects, Commonwealth Preservation Group and Elliott Apartments LLC are teaming up on the project financed by TowneBank, to restore the building to it’s former glory following that devastating fire in 2021.

You may remember several people had to be rescued and one resident was charged with setting the building on fire.

Those charges have since been dropped.

Schnekser walked through the building and says you could tell the building had been evacuated quickly following the fire.

The Suffolk skyscraper was converted into apartments back in the 80’s but the building slowly deteriorated over time.

“They joined pairs of rooms to make apartments and now we are joining more of those rooms to make slightly larger apartments,” said Schnekser.

The renovated space will have 45 luxury studios, one and two bedroom apartments with wood look floors, ceramic tile and marble counter tops.

Schnekser says these historic buildings can present their own challenges, but it’s exciting to breathe new life into them.

“The buildings that we get to touch usually were beautiful once upon a time and have been degraded over time just as tastes change, as people do their best to make do with whatever situations, but we get to restore them to their former glory and that’s always a lot of fun,” said Schnekser.

The renovation is expected to start this summer and apartments will be available to rent in 2024.

The first floor will still be designated as retail space and Baron’s Pub and restaurant will still be open throughout the renovation and beyond.