VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Voters in the Resort City went to polls this Election Day to pick their new mayor. 

The results are in and Bobby Dyer will be the next Mayor of Virginia Beach. Midterm Election Results

Dyer is no stranger to campaigns, serving on City Council since 2004. In this race for mayor, he worked to convince voters that he has the leadership to run the city and he focused on working to get citizens who feel disenfranchised by city government back involved.

Interestingly, Dyer has run his last several campaigns unopposed. But this time he went up against Ben Davenport, who was elected to City Council in 2014. Davenport was running on a platform of his technology initiative. He believes technology will bring new jobs to the city and help the resort city complete against other Atlantic Coast cities.

Unlike elections in the past, this was a Special Election for Mayor. Former Mayor Will Sessoms still had two years to serve before retiring earlier this year. This means mayor-elect Bobby Dyer will have to run again in two years.

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