Well then humidity, it’s good to see you ol’ friend; it’s been awhile.

The summer time humidity will take us into the holiday weekend setting up what should be a pretty unsettled stretch of weather moving forward.

Today will feature plenty of sunshine, temperatures back up near 90° and a good chunk of humidity, it’ll likely feel close to the low 90s in the sun. An isolated shower or two could pop up early this afternoon, but expect more sun than any rain chance, with even a little haze in the sky as wildfire smoke from Hyde County, NC, continues to drift into the region. Air quality levels took a slight hit today, but overall we don’t expect any major impacts from said smoke other than a bit of some haze.

We’ll do it all again tomorrow but things should be a touch warmer in the sunshine. Highs likely reach 90° and with the humidity it’ll easily feel like the low to mid 90s. An isolated shower or two may develop by the afternoon but again, rain chances remain low. They’ll start to increase as we move into the holiday week, coinciding with humidity levels slowly increasing as well.

As the southwest breeze kicks into gear Saturday it’ll pull in some more clouds, increase the humidity and throw a few showers our way. Do not expect a washout, so keep your weekend plans, but do prepare to see a few showers around the afternoon hours. Clouds likely increase on Sunday, providing our best chance to see rain this weekend as scattered showers and a few t-storms are likely.

Isolated showers likely stick around for the Fourth of July, but fortunately we do not expect a washout. Preliminary ideas are pointing towards a few showers on the first half of the day, so keep your holiday plans, just have an umbrella with ya!

Tropically speaking, the tropical system in the southern Caribbean will continue to cruise west across the Caribbean, eventually making landfall on Central America, and then cruising into the Pacific. Elsewhere, tropical rains will soak southeastern Texas this weekend from a potentially developing system. Fortunately, we have no concerns tropically across Hampton Roads.

Enjoy the summer time humidity the best you can, and keep those holiday weekend plans! Just stay locked into the forecast for updated.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro