Bertie County Animal Shelter is over capacity, asks for kennel donations


An animal shelter in Bertie County is asking for the public’s help because they are at capacity.

According to the Bertie County Humane Society’s Facebook, the shelter will have to consider euthanizing some of the dogs if they aren’t adopted or taken by rescues.

The shelter is owned by Bertie County Animal Control.  Their employees and volunteers with the local humane society help run it.  The volunteers say animal control lets dogs stay as long as possible, but since they’re at capacity, something has to be done.

Taking care of the dogs is Vicki Nussbaumer’s passion.  “They’re good babies and, you know, got a potential to have a family,” she said.

But right now, leaving her could mean death for some of the dogs.  Nussbaumer said, “It’s just sad.  It’s a bad situation.”

The shelter is at capacity and some dogs have been there for awhile.

Nussbaumer said, “We actually got word from animal control, the head officer, this morning that we have to do something within the next 24 hours. I’ve got to have at least 3 empty kennels by the end of today.”

So, if at least three dogs aren’t adopted by a person or rescue, they will be euthanized.  It’s obviously an outcome they don’t want, but finding homes for these dogs has been difficult.

Nussbaumer says careless breeding is common in Bertie County.  She said, “We got a lot of people that are breeding in their backyards and what doesn’t get sold or given away ends up here.”

So now, they’re asking the community for help.  “We need people to step up and adopt a dog or a rescue to come in and take the dogs,” said Nussbaumer.

Anyone interested in adopting a dog or donating money is asked to message them on Facebook or call (252) 325-3647.

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