VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The search is on for the owner of a wedding ring lost at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

It started with a normal day at the beach for Michelle Salisbury. Her family was visiting from Bedford, Va.

“We were out playing with the kids, hanging out. We noticed they were looking all over the place like panicked, looking for something,” she said.

They were told a woman lost her ring in the sand.

“This woman was just brushing sand off her hands and her wedding ring flew off,” Salisbury said.

She lent the group some sand tools for the search, but nothing helped.

The group canceled the search and left the area.

Once Salisbury’s husband came back from the bathroom, she relayed the unfortunate news to him.

That’s when he noticed something sparkly in the sand.

“He looked down and the ring was right there. We took off to the boardwalk trying to see if they were still up there,” Salisbury said.

The people searching for the ring were nowhere to be found.

Salisbury turned to the internet for help.


trying to find the person who lost their wedding ring today. it broke my heart watching her look for it for so long only to literally stumble into it right after they left.. something told me to get there information just in case but distractions happen.. help me find them and get this back to her#fyp #foryoupage #problems #trending #help #weddingring #lost #lostnfound #reaching #hope #longshot

♬ I Love You – D’ RORI

“You know what it’s a shot in the dark, but crazy things have happened. Maybe they’ll see it,” she said.

More than 400,000 people have viewed the Tik Tok, but it hasn’t led to a perfect ring match yet.

“If it was me, I would want someone to help. It’s important. It’s your wedding ring. That’s deep. That’s in your heart,” Salisbury said.

She’s hoping to return the ring as soon as possible.

Salisbury said if someone recognizes the ring to contact her on social media.