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Ten on your side is not only WAVY’s tag line but a mission embedded in their staff. Anchor and reporter Brandi Cummings and many others truly demonstrate their effort in ensuring interns gain the best experience at WAVY.

I developed a relationship with Cummings as her student at Hampton University prior to my internship. After accepting my internship offer at WAVY, I knew she was someone I would depend on.

Cummings is hardworking, takes her career very serious, and has a passion for teaching. During her time at Hampton University Cummings was not the nicest professor but many students like myself look back and realize how much we have learned from her news production course, especially how to properly put together packages.

Every morning since the start of my internship I visit her desk and she gives me advice on

ways attain the greatest amount of experience during my time at WAVY. She constantly reminded me to create packages every time I would shadow a reporter to have videos for my reel.

Last week I shadowed her on a story about how hospitals are handling the uptake in flu cases. I was curious to see her in action, and what angle she would take on the story.

Cummings usually contacts her sources before the morning meeting, therefore after the meeting she only had to wait for their responses. One of the producers mentioned the death of a Virginia boy after being diagnosed with strep throat and the flu giving us more to add to the story.

After talking with several different hospitals, we were only able to schedule interviews with two. Cummings emphasized the importance of doing more research on the story before and after you pitch to find an angle that would attract the audience.

Throughout the car ride to the interview we discussed the proper way to handle certain stories, she broke down step by step everything she does in regard to putting the story together, and tips on making it in the industry. I could see her passion for teaching those interested in the industry, and her determination to ensure interns like myself become the best of the best.

She continuously emphasized WAVY’s place in the market, and that with hard work and a great reel I could have great start in my career.

She allowed me to do my first stand up, and after several attempts and her coaching on the side I realized that I had to be confident in myself and take my time. This is the purpose of my internship, and this is the time to make mistakes and better myself.

When we returned to the station I jumped right into writing my script for the package. Even though she destroyed my script with various corrections I knew it was for the best.

Employees at WAVY truly take the time to teach and guide you into making you the best journalists possible. They are sincerely on your side!

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