NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) — After a couple of weeks with no new reports on the status of the Croatan National Forest fire that began on April 19, the US Forest Service – National Forests in North Carolina issued a new report Wednesday evening.

The amount of acres burned has been adjusted from 32,400 to 32,156. The inciWeb site that is used as part of information released on the fire provided the latest details.

Officials said in the latest media release the size of the area burned was adjusted after more accurate mapping. Work continues to monitor hot spots in the area after officials said an estimated 1.25 billion gallons of water have been used to fight the fire.

Work was halted Wednesday due to rainy conditions in the area. Officials were also working to make road repairs to several locations (list below). Repair work on the roads was expected to take a few extra months.

“We are asking the public to avoid using these roads while repairs are underway so the work can be performed safely and expeditiously,” said District Ranger for the Croatan, Ron Hudson. 

Officials said daily reports will no longer be made and only significant updates would be posted to social media and to media outlets.


May 24 Great Lakes Fire update

PLEASE BE AWARE: Wildland fire engines and other equipment continue to be on roads in the fire area and on US Hwy 70 between Havelock and New Bern. Please use caution when driving near them.

Acreage: 32,156 acres; Containment: 90%; Personnel and Equipment: 92 total personnel; 1 helicopter, 7 engines, 1 water tender, and 2 tractor plow units.

Wednesday:  The slight decrease in acreage is due to more accurate mapping. Aviation and ground resources continue to monitor fire activity to identify hot spots and areas of concern and crews and equipment are engaged in rehabilitation and repair work to minimize impacts from suppression activities. After an estimated 1.25 billion gallons of water have been moved to saturate pocosin areas adjacent to containment lines, water pumping operations have paused in anticipation of the incoming rainfall.  In addition to the road repairs already completed, the following additional roads are being added to the suppression repair work now underway:

FS 203 – Holston Creek Road                                    FS 203 – Holston Creek Road

FS 134 – Holston Hunter Trail                                   FS 606 – Mattocks Road

FS 3070 – Cow Pond Road                                        FS 121 -1 – North Little Road

FS 163 – Belangia Road                                             FS 121- 2 – Middle Little Road

FS 126 – Holston Hunter Road                                  FS 158 – Catfish Lake Farm Road

FS 172 – Mirey Branch Road

Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR): None​​​​​​​

Closures: Forest Service Road 203 (Holston Creek Road), Forest Service Road 152 (Black Swamp Road), Forest Service Road 174 (Seaborn Road), and Forest Service Road 126 (Great Lake Road) remain closed due to fire equipment and operations.